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Swahili 16

Chapter 16 Vocab

-ake his,hers,hers
-ako your, yours
-angu my, mine
-ao their,theirs
-bovu rotten, bad
chama/vy- society, organization, party
-enu your,yours pl.
-etu our, ours
mkono/mi- arm, han
mkononi mwangu on my arm/wrist (class 18)
-ondoa clear away
rangi color
umoja unity
kiatu/vi- shoe
-zuri good, nice, beautiful
-a juu high, upper
baadaye afterwards
chumba/vy- room
damu blood
embe/ma- mango
haragwe/ma- bean
kahawa coffe
-kamuliwa to be squeezed (cf. -kamua'squeeze' as in milking)
kiazi/vi- potato
kinywaji/vi drink, beverage
-kuna scratch (-kuna nazi ' grate coconuts)
kwa urahisi easily (cf. uarahisi)
toke/ma- type of banana (from Luganda)
-mea grow (plants)
mnanasi/mi- pineapple plant
mnazi/mi- coconut palm
mpapayu/mi- papaya tree
mtama/mi millet
muhimu important(invariable adjective)
muhogo/mi cassava
mwembe/mi mango tree (cf. embe/ma- 'mango')
nanasi/ma pineapple
nazi coconut
ng'ombe cow, cattle
mnyama/wa- animal (cf. nyama 'meat')
-pika cook
safi clean, pure (invariable adjective)
tayari ready (invariable adjective)
-tia put in
-tiwa be put in
tofauti different (invariable adjective)
tui/ma coconut juice (liquid squeezed from grated coconut)
ugali stiff porridge-like cooked cereal or meal
upande/pande side, section, area
urahisi ease,easiness,easy (U-)
wali cooked rice (U-)
wali wa nazi riced cooked with coconut tui
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