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DM terms 1

Terminology of Physical properties

Degree of saturation of a particular hue chroma
Change in length per unit of original length of a material when its temperature is raised 1° K Coefficient of thermal expansion (linear coefficient of expansion)
Sensation induced from light of varying wavelengths reaching the eye Color
Chemical or electrochemical process in which a solid, usually a metal, is attacked by an environmental agent, resulting in partial or complete dissolution Corrosion
Time-dependent plastic strain of a material under a static load or constant stress Creep
Accelerated attack occurring on a less noble metal when electrochemically dissimilar metals are in electrical contact within a liquid corrosive environment Galvanic corrosion (electrogalvanism)
Pain sensation caused by the electric current generated when two dissimilar metals are brought into contact in the oral environment Galvanic Shock
Resistance of a material to being indented, cut, or scratched Hardness
Dominant color of an object, for example, red, green, or blue Hue
Phenomenon in which the color of an object under one type of light appears to change when illuminated by a different light source Metamerism
Study of the deformation and flow characteristics of matter Rheology
Irreversible (plastic) deformation of metal frameworks of fixed partial dentures in the firing temperature range of ceramic veneers Sag
Process by which a metal surface is dulled or discolored when a reaction with a sulfide, oxide, chloride, or other chemical causes a thin film to form Tarnish
Property that describes the thermal energy transport in watts per second through a specimen 1 cm thick with a cross-sectional area of 1 cm2 when the temperature differential between the surfaces of the specimen perpendicular to the heat flow is 1° K Thermal conductivity (coefficient of thermal conductivity)
Property of certain gels or other materials to become liquefied (less viscous) when shaken, stirred, patted, or vibrated Thixotropic
Relative lightness or darkness of a color Value
Resistance of a fluid to flow Viscosity
Loss of material from a surface caused by a mechanical action or through a combination of chemical and mechanical actions Wear, abrasion, and erosion
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