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Mr. Seeley, along with his two friends, (was, were) traveling to Spain was
Neither Tim nor his parents (has, have) seen Alan all day. have
Jason and Carrie (speak, speaks) fluent Spanish. speak
Everyone except Carol and Betty (was, were) able to vote. was
A few of the dresses (has, have) been ironed. have
Each dress (has, have) been ironed. has
Daniel is one of the managers who (is, are) attending the conference. are
How can it be he who (has, have) to do the work? has
The majority of the class (was, were) absent today. was
A portion of the apples (was, were) spoiled when I opened the bag. were
The staff (was, were) disagreeing over the new schedule. were
Tonia is the only one of the contestants to make it to the final round. was
Twenty percent of the recruits (was, were) off the base. were
A number of possible solutions (was, were) offered by the committee. were
Breaking one's glasses (is, are) a frustrating experience. is
The choir (is, are) entering the church. is
One of the chipmunks (is, are) under the picnic table. is
The number of canceled TV programs (has, have) increased. has
Wilson, Graves, and Thomas, Inc., (plan, plans) to represent Mr. Albert. plans
Every pen, pencil, and eraser (seem, seems) to have disappeared. seems
All of the office supplies (seem, seems) to have disappeared. seem
Around the corner (was, were) the post office and the flower shop. were
Neither of the men (has, have) a toolbox with him. has
Each of the containers (was, were) leaking. was
Most of the containers (was, were) leaking. were
Anybody in the department (has, have) the chance to offer suggestions. has
Five hours (was, were) the time needed for the drive to Chicago. was
Five feet of trim (is, are) ordered for the doorway. is
By 5 p.m. the staff (was, were) leaving for home. was
Either the Connors or the Wilsons (has, have) the paperwork for the community project. have
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