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quaint unusual
muse ponder
mutation abnormality
rhapsodic overly energetic
querulous whining
purse pucker
precariously dangerously
insolence insulating behavior
jeopardize risk
interminably is endlessly
oblivion being forgotten
lamented mourned
obscured partially hidden
peal loud ringing
luxurious lavish
reverently respectfully
ominous threatening
transgression act that violates the law
avert prevent
deigned step down to grant something to a lesser person
boon benefit or favor
fathon understand
lassitude feeling tired of lazy
furrows trenches in the earth
whim sudden fancy
taut tighty stretched
vice evil habit
demeanor behavior
ignominious dishonorable
retribution punishment
apathy indifference
procured obtained
complicity partnership
ensconced settled
articulate clear
morose gloomy
contemptible despicable
acute keen
unscathed unharmed
cynical pessimistic
countenance face
liable likely
cryptic mysterious
conciliatory pacify
attribute blame
pretext excuse
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