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Power Plus Unit 2

Vocab WordDefinition/Synonym/Sentence
belittle to cause to seem little or less; to speak slightingly
blase unconcerned; apathetic to pleasure or excitement
concoct to devise, fabricate using raw materials
decade a group or set of 10; a period of 10 years
diverse differing from one another
enunciate to utter articulate sounds; announce
hurtle to move rapidly and forcefully; fling
improvise to make, invent, or arrange offhand
jostle to make one's way by pushing and shoving
libel a written or oral statement defaming or attacking someone
mammoth huge, enormous
paradox a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense
provincial limited in outlook; unsophisticated
realm kingdom, sphere, domain
undermine to weaken or ruin by degrees
mammoth The new steel rollercoaster climbs a ??? hill that overlooks the entire city of Paris.
realm The deserted town was so eerie that it felt as if we had entered a new ???
decade It hit me that I had been out of college for a ??? when I was invited to my 10 year reunion.
blase The teacher talked in a monotone voice and conducted class in a ??? manner.
jostle The wide receiver was ??? and shoved as he maneuvered his way toward the goal line.
concoct I hadn't been to the grocery in weeks, so I was forced to ??? a meal from the random ingredients I had.
belittle Teachers who ??? students by making an example of them end up damaging their confidence.
hurtle Trying to remain inconspicuous, Alex ??? a note to Ian across the room.
enunciate The speech and debate team taught me how to ??? words in order to be precisely understood.
improvise "Whose Line Is It Anyway" exemplifies people who are talented at ??? a scene on the spot.
libel When the senator read the ??? printed in the newspaper, he immediately strategized a plan to clear his name.
undermine The basketball player ??? his coach by leaving practice in a rage.
paradox The peace and prosperity of America was quite a ??? when compared to Europe in 1914.
provincial When we traveled throughout India, we were assigned to ??? accomodations that didn't even have running water.
diverse The retreatants were from so many different backgrounds, and it was refreshing to be a part of such a ??? community.
Created by: Mrs. Naumann