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literary terms


literary termmeaning
tele far
bene good
irony when something you expect to happen doesnt happen.
IMAGEry language that makes word pictures in your mind and relates to the 5 senses...(The sun could fry and egg on the concrete)
Cliche` an over used phrase(Don't count your chickens before they hatch)
metaphor a comparison between two things stating something as it is(i.e. Elane is a bear in the morning)
simile a comparison that uses like or as .(David is as sweet as an angel in the morning)
conflict problem in the story or novel
alliteration repetition of the first consenant sound in a sentence(i.e. peter piper picked a peck of purple pumpkins)
personification giving human traits to non living things
foreshadowing hints or clues to whats coming next
pun a play on words
dramatic when the audience knows something that the character doesnt
situational when a situation is involved in the story
verbal saying one thing to mean another
idiom a phrase that cannot be understood as a whole.
suspense waiting to find out what is going to happen next.
inferring an estimated guess on whats going to happen next.
mood how the reader feels about the story
symbolism practices and principles im art or character.(showing love or appreciation for something)
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