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Religion 11-24

Prophets chosen by god to deliver a message to a group of people
Elijah was from the.. north!
Elisha was from the.. north!
Jeremiah was from the.. north!
Hosea was from the.. north!
Amos was from the.. north!
Ezekiel was from the.. north!
Micah was from the.. SOUTH
Isaiah was from the.. SOUTH
Elijah healing powers/miracles altar to the lord chariot of fire
Elisha successor of Elijah healing miracles
Jeremiah youngest prophet preached hope warns of enslavement
Hosea marriage analogy unfaithful wife
Amos shepard social justice- focused on poor worked with Hosea
Ezekeil taught of messiah ate scroll
Micah social justice- preached of helping poor
Isaiah longest prophet book walked naked thru streets taught of messiah
Who preached of Israels downfall? Amos and Hosea
Who took over Israel? Assyrians
Where did some Israelites escape to? Judah
Who preached of Judahs downfall? Isaiah
Why did God destroy Judah? people brought evil upon themselves
Wisdom is.. knowledge through experience
Job prob of evil... sometimes good people suffer
Tobit faithful, righteous, patient wife was sara
Esther Queen
Jonah parable of mercy
Judith Piety
Proverbs short phrases of wisdom solomon
Laminations proverbs
Eccleseiates meaning of life
Song of songs most famous love poem solomon
Sirach and wisdom importance of wisdom relationships with God
Psalms original songs praising the Lord David
Created by: Ljg1237