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MOD 6 Key Terms

Matching Week 2 Key Terms MOD 6

Ionizing radiation Radiation capable of producing ions.
Automatic processor Machine that develops, fixes, washes and dries radiographic film.
Kilovoltage One kilovolt=1,000 volts---high kilovoltage is necessary for dental x-rays.
Shadow casting Where x-rays cast shadows of images onto the film.
ALARA As low as reasonably achievable-using the least amount of radiation to produce the best radiographic image.
Safelighting Light that can be used in the darkroom during development of x-rays.
Developer Chemical that makes the latent image visible.
Lethal dose Amount of radiation that causes death to an organism.
Intraoral radiograph Radiographic film is placed inside the mouth.
Extraoral radiograph Radiographic film is placed outside the mouth.
Penumbra Partial shadow or fuzzy outline of an image.
Elongation Distortion of an image where the tooth appears longer than the true size.
Radiographic density Overall lightness or darkness of the image, which can be controlled by changing the milliampperage and exposure time.
Object-film distance Distance between the object being radiographed and the film.
Target-film distance Distance between the focal spot on the target and the film.
Target-surface distance Distance between the focal spot on the target and the skin of the patient.
Lead apron Protective barrier made of lead that shields the patient's gonadal areas during x-ray exposures.
Dosimeter Radiation measuring device-worn as a badge by dental staff.
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