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Gappa 6th Plants #1

Gappa 6th Plants Test #1

carry water from the roots to the leaves xylem
carry food from the leaves to the rest of the plant phloem
must abosrb water and nutrients directly from the soil or air nonvascular plants
have tissues that carry water, nutrients and food to the rest of the plant vascular plants
the turning of a plant toward or away from something in their environment tropism
turning towards sunlight phototropism
moving downward in the direction of gravity gravitropism
the plant stem grows upward against gravity negative gravitropism
plants grows away from the sun because it doesn't need any more light negative phototropism
What do plants need to germinate? water, oxygen, warmth
What do growing plants need to grow healthy? water, sunlight, nutrients
What will happen if there is too much water in the soil? the seeds will drown because there isn't enough oxygen
What happens first when a seed germinates? grows roots
Which grow taller...vascular or nonvascular plants? vascular plants
What were the Darwins testing in their experiment? phototropism in plants
What part of the plant did the Darwins conclude senses light? the tip of the shoot
Which part of the seed contains food for the baby plant? cotyledon
Do plants need sunlight in order to germinate? no
Which part of the seed protects the seed until it is ready to germinate? seed coat
Which part of the seed grows into the plant? embryo
Is moss vascular or nonvascular? nonvascular
Do nonvascular plants use spores or seeds to reproduce? spores
_____________ are small containers that hold the materials needed to keep a living thing alive. cells
Do most vascular plants use seeds or spores? seeds
Which is microscopic: seeds or spores? spores
Which has their own food source stored inside: seeds or spores? seeds
What is the name of the scientist who came up with the name "cells" after looking at slices of cork tree under a microscope? Robert Hooke
Are nonvascular plants usually very short or very tall? very short
Plants grow at the tips of the stem and the tips of the ___________________. roots
jellylike substance all the cell organelle float in cytoplasm
stores food, water, or waste vacuole
makes energy for the cell mitochondria
strong outer layer that supports and protects the plant cell cell wall
directs and controls the cell's activities nucleus
makes food for the plant cell using sunlight chloroplast
flexible layer that surrounds the cell and lets things in and out cell membrane
Created by: Cabrini