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F. O. A.

Chapts. 13, 14, and 15 Matching MOD 5

Overhead Costs of resources used by the dental practice just to maintain its existence.
Deposit slip This is where all checks stamped on the back with a bank deposit stamp should be entered.
IRS Employers collect Federal payroll taxes in the U.S. on behalf of this group.
W-2/1099 Two forms employers most often use to report income to the IRS.
Daily basis This is how often deposits for a dental practice should be made.
Electronic These are invoices transmitted over the internet.
Dental services These are billed on an ADA claim form for payment.
Patient Must complete the information entitled "To be completed by Member"
Payment The claim form that is submitted to the insurance company is done for this reason.
Rejected This happens when claim forms that are submitted for payment to the insurance carrier have incomplete information.
Claim forms OCR is an automated scanning process that reads the information on these.
Treatment plan Should be submitted prior to performing a pretreatment review.
Common Attachments Include x-rays, treatment plans, dental reports, specialist reports, and an EOB.
Patient Ledger Card A patients account information is kept on this.
Dental Front Office Administrator Is responsible to collect the full amount due for services rendered.
Petty cash This should be on the first line of the daily journal each day.
Adjustments Changes that can either increase or decrease the remaining balance on an account.
Tracer form Should include a SS#, or insurance number.
Collection agency Charge a percentage of the account once the debt is collected.
Letter Should be sent by certified mail to the patient by the Dentist informing patient of discontinued treatment.
Created by: mgarrett