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Front Office Admin.

Chapts. 1 and 6 Matching MOD 5

Duties of a dental front office administrator Patient charting, Patient billing, Providing referrals, Scheduling appointments.
Productivity/Multi-tasking Are attitudes that give greater chances of achieving success in the dental front office administration field.
Interpersonal skills Speaking will of others, learning names, smiling, and compromising all help you to get along with others in the work place.
Stress symptoms Headaches, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and high blood pressure.
Exercising A quick stress reliever if done vigorously.
Professionalism Characterized by commitment to quality, respect for others, active learning, personal integrity.
Initial/Final contact This patient dentist relationship is usually conducted through the dental front office.
General Supervision The dentist is responsible for all of the acts performed by the staff, even if the dentist is not physically present at the time.
Organization Providing a structure and arranging things in a logical format.
Cancellation or missed-appointment policy This is where patients that miss appointments without notice or cancellation should be.
Last recall visit The date the patient last came in for preventive care.
Sending model/impression to lab Remember to carefully pack the model or impression to prevent damage during its trip, record all information to avoid later confusion about which model belongs to which patient.
Broken appointments When patients do not show up for scheduled appointments.
Recall Appointment A preventive dental examination.
Daily Schedule Creating and maintaining this is one of the most important and challenging responsibilities of dental office management.
Positive experience This is done by maintaining a clean office for the patient and in sustaining the practice with repeat business.
Patient Sign in sheet Used to monitor patient visits and to make sure that no one is overlooked or left sitting in the waiting room.
Small number This is the majority of no shows created by patients.
Scheduling appointments You should ask for the patients name, birth date, and phone number.
Reciept This should always be issued when money is collected from a patient.
Created by: mgarrett
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