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Matching Chpts. 40, 41, 42. & 43

Question Answer
Tissues breath This is accomplished by leaving the prosthetic out of the mouth at night.
Ceramics This is another material that a full crown may be fabricated from along with gold, semi-precious metal, pordcelain-fused-to-metal and porcelain-fused-to-gold.
Ill fitting denture Will cause degeneration of the ridge more rapidly.
Brushes/instruments Plastic with no metal components are what these are made of for the care of implants.
3-9 monthe The time it could take for implant placement completion.
Routine maintenance This determines the long term success of an implant.
Informed consent The role of the Dental Assistant includes review the information, act as a witness, and serve as interpreter.
Fixed partial denture A maryland bridge.
Nonvital tooth Only this can have a post and core done on it.
Retraction cord Are placed to stop tissue bleeding and to ensure accuate impressions of the margin.
Edentulous When all natural teeth are missing.
Periodontal disease/Bone loss This makes a patient not a suitable candidate for and implant.
4 types of endosteal implants The blade, screw, cylinder, and transitional.
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