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Dental Lab/ Prostho.

Matching -Chpts. 40,41,42,&43.

Patient Education The most important key to successful implant treatment.
Transosteal An implant utilized as a last resort when the mandibular ridge exhibits severe resorption.
Endosteal Implant utilized to replace a single tooth.
Mini An implant that may be loaded with the weight of the denture immediately after insertion.
Subperiosteal Implant utilized for patients who have insufficient bone.
Abutment A natural tooth that provides support, or an implant.
Immediate denture This gives the advantage that the patient does not have to be without teeth during the procedure.
Framework The metal skeleton portion of the removable prosthesis.
Denture maintenance Clean inside and outside, over a sink of water, and with a non-abrasive toothpaste.
Removable Prostheses Overdenture, Partial denture, Immediate denture are all examples of this.
Crown A restoration that covers or replaces the major part or the whole part of the clinical crown of a tooth.
Pontic The artificial tooth that replaces the missing tooth.
Maryland bridge A prosthesis that utilizes wings that are bonded to the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth.
Core buildup A seperate restoration fabricated to rebuild damaged or fractured tooth structure in preparation for a crown.
Epinephrine The most commonly used vasoconstrictor utilized in impregnated retraction chord.
Two years The minimum time a lab perscription should be kept.
Prosthodontist A dental specialist whose practice is limited to the restoration of the natural dentition and replacement of missing teeth with artificial substitutes.
Created by: mgarrett