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Spelling wordscmb


osmosis to absorb like a sponge
prevalent widely or commonly occurring
stark sheer downright or complete
subtleties delicacy or nicety of a character
trudge to walk weary
gait a manner of walking stepping or running
stoic pertaining to the school of philosophy
provocation to provoke or anger
temperament the overall traits that make up a person
aptitude readiness or talent towards something
clinch to secure of fasten
mesquite bushes that form thickets; a city in Texas
bombarded to attack using bombs or artillery
magnitude greatness of size, amount, or importance
innumerable very numerous; too many to count
leprechaun Irish dwarfen elf
purportedly claimed or alleged
vulnerable open to assault , or moral attack
loath unwilling or reluctant
maneuvers a planned or tactical move
conspiracy an agreement between members to commit a crime
eavesdrop to listen secretly to another s conversation
adrenaline reaction to emotion with epinephrine
industrialized to introduce industry to an area on a large scale
devastating harmful or threatening actions
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