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Nutrition Chap 2


Plant foods contain the best sources of fiber
Good sources of fiber canb be found in oats
Oats are a grain containing a high percent of carbohydrate
Perfered source of energy for the heart muscle is Fatty acid
Emergency fuel for the heart Gycogen
A rapid breakdown of fat results in Ketones
The break down of fat occurs when insuficient carbohydrate intake
hundreds of units of gluclose 1 molecule of glycogen
What is consantly recycled glucose and is found in the liver and muscle? Glycogen
Most common disaccharide found in food products Sucrose
Common table sugar is Sucrose
Granulated, powdered and brown sugar is called Sucrose
The digestion of milk yeilds the monosacchrides Galactose and Glucose
The major site of metabolic processing Liver
Once Carbohydrates are broken down to their simpliest form, they are directly absorbed into the Portal blood circulation
Glycogen is found in the Liver and muscles
Protein does not contain Carbohydrates
A lesser amount of carbohydrate tends to be present in food such as Milk and less starchy veggies
Simple sugars found in concentrated sweets contain more carbohydrates than Grains, fruits and veggies
Three Monosacharides Glucose, galactose and fructose
Three Disaccharides Lactose, sucrose and maltose
Sugars that are directly absorbed into the portal blood stream monoscharides
Once monoscharides are absorbed into the blood streams they are transported to the Liver
The Enzyme found in the mouth is Ptyalin
Digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth
Name of water soluble fiber found in fruit Pectin
2 insoluble fiber Cellulose and Lignin
Starch is a Polyscharide
Foods with starch in them Grains, Legumes and veggies
The amount of fructose in fruit depends on ripeness
ripe fruit contains more fructose
Mechanical digestive process in the stomach entailing wave like contractions Peristalis
Human beings lack the necessary _______ to digest fiber enzyme
fiber has no energy value
Recommended intake of fiber for men and women aged 50 and younger 38-25 grams
Dietary fiber can be found in complex carbohydrates such as plants
Three kinds of dietary fiber Cellulose, lignin and noncellulose polyscharides
What provides the highest amount of dietary fiber? Lentils and Corn
Glucose is stored in the body as Glycogen
Glycogen is stored in the Liver and Muscles
Carbs are considered quick energy because They can be readily metabolized in the body to form glucose
The bodies main fuel Glucose
Glucose in the form of sugar in the blood stream and is the primary fuel for cells
Simple carbs are the simplestsugar units or the building blocks Monoscharides
Three of the simplest sugars Glucose, galatose and fructose
The formula for monoscharides CH2O
Carbohydrates consist of approximately how much of your caloric inatke 50 percent
The chemical nature of carbohydrates are C:O:H2 Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen
Plants convert solar energy into carbohydrates in which process? Photosynthesis
Which of the following is the abbreviation for carbohydrates that is typically used in medical charts? CHO
Polyscharide stored in the liver and muscles Glycogen
A disacharide carb? Sucrose
The acids that are produced from a fat break down? Ketones
What has the highest amounts of insoluable fiber? Wheat Bran
Carbs provide how much energy 4 calories
Which enzyme helps break down carbohydrates in the duodenum Pancreatic Amylase
What ethnic group is most likely to suffer lactose intolerance? Native Americans
What percentage of the adult diet should be carbs? 45-65 percent
Carbs play a major role in nutrition because they provide a major source of energy
The carbohydrate form in which glucose is stored in the animal body is Glycogen
An example of a high fiber meal is Chilli bean
Wave like contrations of the muscle fibers of the stomach and intestinal walls are called Peristalsis
The major site organ in the body for metabolic processes of carbohydrates is the Liver
A basic single sugar in the body metabolism is Glucose
The building blocks of carbohydrates are Monoscharides
Sucrose is composed of Glucose and Fructose
Th disaccharide not commonly found in the diet but that is derived from the intermediat digestive breakdown of starch is Maltose
Complex carbohydrates compsed of many single sugar units are Polysccharides
A complex carbohydrate that is not digetible yet is important to the body is dietary fiber
The digestion of a carbohydrate starts in the mouth
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