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Mktg 3445

ch. 5

exploratory research to discover ideas and insights
descriptive research concerned with determining the frequency with which something occurs/ the relationship between two variables covary
causal research concerned with determining cause-and-effect relationship
hypothesis a statement that specifies how two or more measurable variables are related
literature search search of statistics, trade journal articles, other articles, magazines, newspapers & books for data or insight into the problem at hand
depth interview interviews with people knowledgeable about the general subject being investigated
focus groups small number of individuals are brought together to talk about some topic of interest to the focus group sponsor
moderator the individual that meets with focus group participants and guides the session
moderator's guidebook an orders list of the general issues to be addressed during a focus group
nominal group a group interview technique which initially limits respondents interaction to a minimum while attempting to max. input from individual group members
case analysis intensive study of selected examples of the phenomenon of interest
benchmarketing using organizations that excel at some function as source of ideas for improvement
ethnography the detailed observation of consumers during their ordinary daily lives using direct observations, interviews, and video and audio recordings
projective methods encourage respondent to reveal their own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors by shifting the focus away from the individual through the use of indirect tasks
word association respondents are asked to repsond to a list of words with the first word that comes to mind
sentence completion respondents are directed to complete a number of sentences with the first words that come to mind
role playing researcher will introduce a scenario or context and ask the respondent to play the role of a person in the scenario
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