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Chpt. 23,26,28,44, & 46 Matching

Broaches Have tiny projections on them to remove the bulk of the pulp tissue.
Pulpitis Inflammation of the tooth pulp.
Pulpectomy The most common endodontic procedure.
Radiographs In RCT used to determine root length, curvature of the root, and any pulpal abnormalities.
Endodontic spreader Condenses the filling material used in root canals,against the walls of the canals.
Peso reamers Removes enough gutta percha filling material to prepare for a post.
Periapical abscess Infection within a tooth, that spreads out through the apex to surrounding bone.
Necrotic pulp Nonvital, deprived of blood and nerve supply, and is infected and dead.
Uses of Dental Dam To keep debri out of oral cavity, to prevent swallowing small endodontic instruments, and to prevent saliva contamination.
Endodontic explorer Used to locate canal openings and explore the pulp chamber.
Blue Color of the nitrous oxide cylinder.
One handed technique A way of recapping a needle by laying the needle cap on the counter and scooping it up.
Retract and reinject This is what the Dentist would do immediately if he notices blood in the carpule.
Alveolitis Better known as a dry socket.
Paper points Used to dry root canals after irrigating them.
Percussion test The act of tapping gently on the crown of a tooth with the handle of a mirror to check for the presence of inflamation or infection.
Mobility This is determined by applying pressure to a tooth with the ends of two mirrors.
Files Come in K-type, H-type and S-type.
Bead sterilizer Used chairside to disinfect files and reamers. At 425 degrees, for 15 seconds.
Informed consent A legal document advising the patient of the facts and implications of any proposed treatment. Like oral surgery.
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