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Endo/Oral Surgery

Chpt. 23,26,28,44,& 46 Matching

Topical anesthetic Placed on oral mucosa at injection site to numb the nerve endings.
Infiltration Used to anesthetise a single tooth.
Blood Pressure Cuff Placed over the brachial artery in the arm.
Dental Dam Most effective means of moisture control and isolation.
Gutta Percha Rubber like material used to fill the canals after a root canal.
Infected Tooth Can be fatal.
Elevator A surgical instrument used to raise a tooth out of the socket.
Bone file Trims and smoothens bone after teeth have been extracted.
Needle holders Look alot like scissors with locking joints.
Retractors Are available for cheek, tongue, and tissue.
Surgical currette Used to remove infectious material,lesions and debris from within a tooth socket.
Chemical indicators Should be placed in all sterilization bags and cassettes.
120/80 The normal range for an adults blood pressure.
Pain The fifth vital sign.
Periosteal elevator Used to loosen the periosteum tissue from the bone, before extracting a tooth.
Rongeurs Used for nipping uneven bone pieces to contour and shape the bone after an extraction.
3-5 minutes Time needed to leave topical on oral mucosa, for it to be effective.
Sodium hypochlorite/Hydrogen peroxide Used to irrigate the canals during root canal treatment.
K-files Used to remove necrotic tissue.
Lentulo spirals Used in a slow speed handpiece, to place medications within the root canals.
Created by: mgarrett