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PN 143 ch 3, 7 & 8

book nursing leadership management and practice of LPN

what is a paradigm originally a schientific term, but today used moreas a model, theory, perception, assumption, the way a person "see's the world"
paradigms: what are most nrusing paradigms based on learning through theoretical or clinical experiences
paradigms: examples of ones in nrusing touch, culteral differences, personal biases (favoring a certain type of pt)
paradigm shift: LPNs are now being placed in more _____________ postistions management
critical thinking: what does it allow the nurse to do to identify the existing paradigms and devise the education or other strategies that are needed to shift paradigms of others or yourself, boraden desicion making regarding Tx, split second decision making
critical thinking: it allows you to become open to what alternative ways of looking at or bahaving in society
critical thinking: advantages of it allows skeptisism of quick fix solutions, opens alternative ways of behaving in society, allows broader desicion making, encourages ppl to question their assumptions, productive, is emotional and rational thinking
critical thinking: it is a _______ not an outcome process, no one is ever done critically thinking
critical thinking: while doing this, it is important to follow what else the guidlines and laws found in the current state nurse practive act (ex follow orders from MD and RN)
maslows hierarchy of needs: what are they in order (1st need to last) physiologic, safety, love & beloningness, esteem, self-actualization
maslows hierarchy of needs: what is it this theory is that ppl have to meet their lower level needs before they can move up on maslow's pyramid structure to higher order needs
maslows hierarchy of needs: what is the physiologic needs adequate oxygen, food and water
maslows hierarchy of needs: what are the safety needs feeling free from danger and risk, secure in one's own environment
maslows hierarchy of needs: what are the love & beloning ones feeling worthy of effection and social support
maslows hierarchy of needs: what are the esteem ones feeling competent, strong self worth
maslows hierarchy of needs: what are the self actualization ones meeting one's full potential
maslows hierarchy of needs: why need to _______ human behavor rather than __-- it understand, judge
watson's nursing theory: what is it the art of nursing, it moves beyond the cellualr response of the human body and goes to the overall response of the human being, it is also intentionality of the nurse *focus of care is on entire person)
patient advocacy: what is it the nurse is on behalf of the patient, a guide and support, protecting pple from infringement on their rights as pt and humans, informing and supporting pt so pt can make their best decision
pt rights: ex right to refuse tx or meds, CHF has right to eat french fries, informed consent, safe care
pt rights: since pt has these rights what is nurses role give them their rights and support them in their choices but also inform them of the consequences of their decisions
informed consent: what is it md responsibility to explain all procedures, nurse has to get signature, pt should not go to surgery until there is full understanding of procedure
what is ageism elderly prejudice tx and discrimination
the types of knowledge for a nurse knowing that information( bookwork) and knowing how (practicing clincal)
what is the paradigm shift after nursing school going from the knowing that knowledge (bookwork and class) to the shift of knowing how
nurse practice act: what is it the law of each state that defines nursing and what the various levels of nurses legally may do in their practive
nurse practice act: LPNs work under the supervision of whom RNs or MDs
What are CE credits they are required by many states to maintain your lisensure
finding a job: what is in the first impression resume, employment application, cover letter, interview, follow-up
finding a job: cover letters- what is it describes specific assets possessed and conveys quality, introduces self, the content is flexible, molded to individual
finding a job: the resume -what is it a summary of professional abilities and facts, contains personal data, statement of career goals, summary of experiences, no personal info, one page, no errors
finding a job: creating the resume- what are the format types chronological, functional or mix of both
finding a job: creating a resume- what is a chronological one zeroes in on work experience, job accomplishments, and duties in reverse order (most recent job listed first)
finding a job: creating a resume- what is a functional one presents previous job functions and duties, responsibilities and skills rather than job titles
finding a job: resume- what should be put on it only include items that demonstrate your ability to be successful at the job you are seeking, lead with your strenghts , create a career objective (it should reflect the position you are applying for)
finding a job: resume- what kind of wording should be used action verbs, clear consise
finding a job: guidlines for applications print legibly, respond to all questions, address to specific person who processes applications
finding a job: interview- goals of the interview present yourself positively, interview effectively (answer questions, ask questions, ne comfortable with silence), obtain information needed to make a career decision
finding a job: preparing for the interview- what to prepare for beforehand reflect: career goals, strengths and areas of growth, research: company brochures, internet searches (know everything about the company), networking, practice mock interview, dress appropriately, create resume, prep answers
finding a job: interview: info on arriving to location know location, do a dry run, arrive early, relax
finding a job: interview: what are the stages of the interview establish rapport, they discribe company and job, discuss my background and qualifications, answering questions, saying goodbye and express enthusiasm, follow up with a thank you letter
finding a job: guidlines during the interview no yes or no answers, ask open ended wuestions, ask questions at appropriate time, avoid asking salary questions unless info is offereed, be ok with silence
finding a job: what to do after the interview end it strongly, write a thank you, be prepared for a second interview
finding a job: what are the 4 cs of a perfect interview contribution (skill fit), culture, chemistry, compensation
finding a job: 4 cs of the perfect interview- what is cotnributionn skill fit- be able to articulate your skills (know what they are looking for)
finding a job: 4 cs of the perfect interview- what is culture value fit- be able to articulate your values and how they fit the organizational mission
finding a job: 4 cs of the perfect interview- what is chemistry people fit- be able to articulate the type of team you want to be a part of and how you will fit that team
finding a job: 4 cs of the perfect interview- what is compensation how much you make
on the job development: what occurs in oriantation socialization to the organization, learn organizational culture, assist in identification of philosophy and goals, assimilation into work groups, cross discipline exposure, compentencies necessary for safe performance
on the job development: what does this include orientation, educational opportunities, morale building, empowerment, performance appraisals
on the job development: what are educational opportunities inservice/presentation, attendance at conferences/seminars, upgrades/cross-trainings
on the job development: what does morale building consist of staff meetings, employee recognition, special projects/ committee participation, special events
on the job development: what is empowerment sharing choices, control and power, based on responsibility and accountability, allowance for creativitty
on the job development: what is performance appraisals strongest non financial reward to satifaction, motivation and improvement, an employee eval
on the job development: performance appraisals- what is the purpose to judge perceived value, quality, growth of work
on the job development: performance appraisals- what is goal to provide feedback about performance
on the job development: performance appraisals- why is it done for employee to improve
on the job development: performance appraisals- what is the danger of this the halo and horn effect (employer can be to subjective)
resignation: what is it making the decision to leave
resignation: guidlines of this at least two weeks, must present in writing, write a positive step, hand deliver to appropriate person, never knock previous employer
paradigm: what is the change for us from nursing student to nurse and working
paradigm: what is the basis of one's paradigm experiences, role models, reasoning, personal bias/ cultural differences (we all have these)
paradigm: it is reflected what one's behavior
what is critical thinking method of thinking which questions the assumptions underlying customary, habitual ways of thinking and acting, allows one to be skeptical of quick fixes
critical thinking: what are skills needed for it prioritizing, anticipation, assessment, knowledge, situation
components of success: ________ % is knowledge and skills, ________% is attitudes and and interpersonal skills 15, 85
components of success: what are they key attributes for successful LPNs competency, responsibility, accountability, mutuality, commitment
components of success: what is competency crucial for practice(w/o it errors can occur)
components of success:what is responsibility serious about what you do (duty is for high quality care)
components of success: what is accountability own responsibility (error is human- admit it)
components of success: what is mutuality partnering with pt, peers, administration, and my self
components of success: what is commitment pt advocate, for the pt at all time
what is reality shock when you are working and it is not the same as what you thought it would be
what are the phases of reality shock honeymoon phase (happy bliss), shock (frusteration, depressed, fatigue), recovery, resolution (begin to make decisions, for burn out)
what are the three things that regulate nursing practice state board of nrusing, nurse practice act, practice standards
State boards of nursing: what level is it established on a state level
State boards of nursing: it is a mandate from the Public Health Code to protect what the health, safety and welfare of the ppl of Michigan as they relate to the practice of nursing
State boards of nursing: this makes nurses accountable for what their actions
State boards of nursing: it establishes standards for what educational requirements for entry into the nursing practice
State boards of nursing: how many members are in the state board of michigan 23 for michigan (made up of all the different types of nurses and educational level)
State boards of nursing: they say how long you should go to______- school
State boards of nursing: functions of it liscensing & certifying nurses, setting fees, establishing standards for educ. programs, determine duration and renewel of liscence, maintaining inactive status lists, carrying out disciplinary action, programs for impaired nruses, suspend/revoke liscence
State boards of nursing: 8 categories of disciplinary action freud/deceit (fake liscence), criminal activity, negligence,violation, of nurse practice act, disciplined by another juridisction, incompitence (failure to meet standards), unethical conduct (breech confidentiality), alcohol/drug abuse
State boards of nursing: what is the process of disciplinary action sworn complaint, complaint is reviewed, finding of not guilty, court review if necessary
State boards of nursing: in disciplinary action the sworn complaint is given by the pt to who nurse, agency etc
State boards of nursing: in disciplinary action if found guilty probation, suspend liscence, revoke liscence
State boards of nursing: an activity that is legal for an LPN in one state is not _______-- for an LPN in another state illegal
Nurse practice act: what does it define nursing practice and establishes standards for nurses in you state, the duties and functions nurses can perform, what nursing is & is not, and under what circumstances it can be practiced for compensation
Nurse practice act: what does it contain definition of nursing, def. of LPN/LVN, use of the title LPN/LVN, elements of unprofessional conduct, functions of state's board of nursing
Nurse practice act: what is basic nursing care care you can provide based on schooling you had
Nurse practice act: what is basic pt situation situation is predictable (ex is long term care), orders stay the same
Nurse practice act: what is complex nursing situation pt clinical situation is not predictable, nurse has to learn more on the job
Nurse practice act: what is delegated medical act phycisian order is given to RN, LPN (PA or NP can do this too), LPNS CANNOT delegate
Nurse practice act: what is delegated nursing act when RN gives orders to LPN
Nurse practice act: what is direct supervision supervisor is continually present (in building)
Nurse practice act: what is general supervision supervisor is with in reach
Nurse practice act: what educational requirements does it address broad basic content in nursing program (will say what you must cover), faculty standards, educational standards
Nurse practice act: what is LPN scope of practice function under supervision of RN, MD, dentist, DO. cannot delegate nursing acts in michigan, practice is based on less comprehension knowledge and skill required of RNs
Nurse practice act: ignorance of this act is never a valid defense against what any legal proceedings regarding your liscence (ex if you said "I didn't realize I couldn't do that)
Nurse practice act: it is always the final authority in what in your state
practice standards: who defines it the national deferation of LPN since 1949, updated in 1991
practice standards: provides a basic model in which the quality of _____ given by the LPN can be _____ of health services, nursing service and nursing care; measured and evaluated
monitoring of nursing practice: what is this requires periodic information from schools of nursing (they want to know pass rate, enrollment, drop out), licensure verificaiton, follow facility policy and procedures (must be within limits of practice act)
nurse practice act: administration of disciplinary measures- ______ rather than ______ rehab rather than punitive measures
nurse practice act: administration of disciplinary measures- possible disciplinary actions fines, required Tx (w/ drugs or alcohol), suspension, revocation
Liscensure: what is the purpose of it protect public health and incompetent citizens
Liscensure: who started the process; it was once _____ and now it is _____ nurses; voluntary and now mandatory
for LPNs instead of ADPIE it is what APIE
Liscensure: obtaining a liscensure- what is needed in order to do this completion of an approved educational program, successful completion of nclex pn, acceptable legal standing, endorsment from another state, multistate liscensure
Liscensure: what is a multistate liscensure can hold license in more than one state at a time, some work being done on a national lisencsure, bordering recognition agreement
Liscensure: what is done in order to maintain one completion of continuing education requirements, inactive status, renewal (paying fee on time)
Nclex-pn: what is the purpose of the test reflect knowledge, skills and abilities essential to safe and effective nursing practice at the entry level (min. competency)
Nclex-pn: what is the format and structure of the test computerized, situational/multiple choice, approximately 200?s plus 60 being validated, can determine knowledge base and stop (stops when computer is feels you know 95% or does not know it)
Nclex-pn: what is the content based on job analysis of activities practical nurses must perform in the workplace
Nclex-pn: the content is evaluated q ________years 3 years to renew and change test, and review the passing standards
Nclex-pn: questions are based on the 4 phases of what; and the 4 categoire of what the nursing process for LPNs APIE; of client needs
Nclex-pn: what is the application process application form completion, processing fees, appointment for testing after receiving ATT in mail, special accomidations
Nclex-pn: what are the four factors in preparing for the test content, confidence, control, common sense
Nclex-pn: what is the accrinim READ (in steps for successful testing experience) Registration; Eligibility; Att, Day of exam
Nclex-pn: study tips for test study 25% more than what you think you need to know, first study nclex books and then study nursing notes from school, review content q 3-5 days), assess both right and wrong answers, practice tests
Nclex-pn: it is a good idea to do a mock what exam
Nclex-pn: what happens in exam 5 hour time slot, arrive early, take packet complete practice exersises, take test!
Nclex-pn: what materials are needed for test day ID for entry, ATT, meds for sinus HA, musci for relaxation, snack, comfy clothing
Nclex-pn: getting results- when you pass what do you get; when you fail what do you get license in mail; diagnostic profile ( where areas are that we need to work on)
Nclex-pn: reasons for failure poor preparation, phys/ psych stressors
Nursing organizations: National federation of LPNs (NFLPN)- who can be a member only LPNs and SPN
Nursing organizations: National federation of LPNs (NFLPN)- what is the purpose promote education and service
Nursing organizations: National federation of LPNs (NFLPN)- what is their publication journal of nursing care
Nursing organizations:Nat. assoc. for PN education and service (NAPNES)- who can be a member only LPNs, SPN, faculty
Nursing organizations:Nat. assoc. for PN education and service (NAPNES)- what is the purpose promote understanding of PN and promote educ. opportunities
Nursing organizations:Nat. assoc. for PN education and service (NAPNES)- what is their publication Journal of practical nrusing
Nursing organizations:National league of nursing(NLN)- who can be a member health care workers and lay persons
Nursing organizations:National league of nursing(NLN)- what is the purpose educational & services, and improves it for nurisng
Nursing organizations:National league of nursing(NLN)- what is their publication Nursing and health care
Nursing organizations:American nursing association (ANA)- who can be a member RNs and SRN,
Nursing organizations:American nursing association (ANA)- what is the purpose improve and maintain high practice standards and promote
Nursing organizations:American nursing association (ANA)- what is their publication AJN
the job market for LPNs is determined by what the availability of RNs
why have restraint rules changed in facilities b/c of law change, policy change and paradigm shift
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