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Amharic Vocabulary

samuna soap
fota towel
birdlibs blanket
tirass pillow
weunbeur chair
kulf key
shint bet toilet
tembir stamp
miskeen beggar
keubeuro drum
gojo bet hut
hisan baby
deuha poor
habtam rich
geunzeub money
dabbo bet bakery
yeu libs suk clothes shop
geubiya market
dabbo bread
soft toilet paper
cho salt
weuteut milk
keumiss dress
Kob hat
porsa purse
Chamma shoes
yeu kees porsa wallet
TiKur black
seumayawee blue
buna aineut brown
areungwade green
birtukan aineut orange
Kai red
biCha yellow
meukwakwaya cosmetics
meustaweut mirror
yeu Tirsburish toothbrush
TuTo baby bottle
meuSihaf book
meuSihet magazine
keuteuma town
karta map
meungeud road
iskripto pen
irsass pencil
kompyuteur computer
sidi CD
batri dingai battery
kamera camera
film film
vidiyo kaset videotape
sigara cigarette
tiliK big
beuKi enough
tinnish small
bizu many
andand some
beutam bizu too many
meuls change
Kurs breakfast
misa lunch
irat dinner
meukseuss snack
shuka fork
kubaya cup
belawa knife
mankeeya spoon
TafaCH sweet
muK hot
TeureuPeza table
sikwar sugar
inKulal eggs
shinkurt onion
pom apple
muz banana
wain grapes/ wine
mata night
dinkwan tent
irsha farm
ateurgwamee interpreter
teurara moTat mountain climbing
zinab rain
neufass wind
zinjeuro monkey
neubir leopard
kokoboch stars
CHeureuKa moon
kwass ball
feuss fart
eyes ain
aff mouth
joro ears
milas tongue
gudfeucha adoption
afinCHa nose
Tirs teeth
iger foot/leg
ij hand
Tat finger
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