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Basic Amharic

Idellem No
yellum all gone
ow yes
kes bey calm down
ta tahn ka key be careful
nah come (boy)
neh come (girl)
anta atfeligim you do not want (boy)
anchee atfeligm you do not want (girl)
anchee hey you (girl)
ante hey you (boy)
en heed let's go
simu listen
ey look
e weud e shall o I love you (girl)
e weud e hall o I love you (boy)
chigger yellum no probelm
ishi okay
chigger alle there is a problem
ze geh jew ready
mekafel share
asa yeen show me
kuchu belu sit down (p)
kuchu bay sit down (s)
ta ggesh be patient (girl)
ta gges be patient (boy)
tigist patience
guh bash do you understand
ih BAH kesh please (girl)
ih BAH keh please (boy)
ANZ nah lehu sorry
YAH suh deh GEH bless you
bee eat (girl)
BIH lah eat (boy)
eh REH boh hahl are you hungry (boy)
eh REH boh shahl are you hungry (girl)
eh REH boh AH cheh Hwahl are y'all hungry
meh RAHB hungry
meh TEH maht thirsty
TEH geh kun I'm full
tew stop it (boy)
tay stop it (girl)
TOH loh na come quickly
Tehn ya sleep
HEED TEHN ya go to sleep
heed go
wu TAH get out
KOOM stop
SAH men kiss me
go bez clever
ah HUHN now
eh REHF leave it alone
BECK ah finished, done, enough
TAh kah TAH tah yewu watch him
mook hot
metfo bad
tiru good
tiru beh TAHM very good
TOH lou quick, hurry
MAH zinh sad
meh KOH taht mad
dih KAHM tired
kuhss slowly, patiently
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