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MT Vocab 4

alliance a joining together for some common purpose
bewilder to puzzle completely; confuse
buffoon a clown (class clown)
controversial arousing argument because of disagreement
dishearten to discourage
fruitless not producing the desired results; unsuccessful
hostile unfriendly (meanie)
inflammable easily set on fire
inflict to give or cause something unpleasant
malignant deadly; extremely harmful
mortify to hurt someone's feelings deeply through embarrassment
orthodox the normal way of doing something
procure to get
scurry to run quickly, scamper, hurry
sodden soaked with liquid or mositure
spirited full of life and vigor
virtual almost equal to the real thing
void to cancel or nullify
wayward disobedient
wince to draw back suddenly, as if in pain or fear
Created by: jltubbs1