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-to reach into the coronal portion of the tooth and to reach the bottom of the pulp -removes deep caries, pulp tissue, and temporary cements Endodontic spoon excavator
-assist in locating canal (orifices) openings -double ended Endodontic explorer
-to grasp and transport various material to and from the oral cavity endodontic locking pliers
-to test each tooth for vitality -electronic and digital Electronic pulp testing scanner
-to remove soft tissue from the pulp canal (extirpate) -fine metal wire with tiny, sharp projections or barbs along teh instrument shaft. -discarded after one use Broaches
-to scrape and widen the walls of the canal -to remove necrotic tissue -twisted into canal K-type files
-to scrape and widen the walls of the canal -to remove necrotic tissue -these files are used only in a push and pull motion so they will not bind the canal Hedstrom files
-for curved and narrow canals -to scrape and widen the walls of the canal -to remove necrotic tissue flex files
-to clean and enlarge the canal walls -to smooth the walls of the canal reamer
-to store and organize reamers and files endo organizers
-to place on reamers andfiles to mark the length of the root canal -small, circular, silicone disks of various colors endodontic measuring stops
-to soften the gutta percha before placing it in the canal -temp can be controlled to adjust the viscosity of the gutta percha gutta percha heating unit
-to locate the apex of the tooth and display the information on a digital readout apex finder
-to mechanically clean and enlarge the root canal -to place the endodontic sealer in the canal endodontic handpiece
-to laterally condense materials when obturating (sealing/filling) the canal -to adapt the gutta percha (root canal filling material) into the canal endodontic spreaders
-to vertically condense material when obturating (sealing/filling) the canal -single ended, flat ends, short handles and long handles. endodontic pluggers
-to remove excess gutta percha from the coronal portion of the canal -to condense the remaining gutta percha in the canal opening -double ended, long, tapered spoon on each end Glick #1
-to obdurate (fill) the root canal after the canal has been opened and cleaned. gutta percha
-to place the gutta percha into the canal -plastic or metal core gutta percha obturators -heating unit thermal obturation system
-to prepare the opeing access in the coronal portion of the canal -to widen the upper portion of the canal for better access gates glidden drills
-to evenly distribute root canal or cement in the canal -long, twisted, very flexible wire instrument -spirals are used with low-speed handpiece and contra-angle attachments lentulo spiral
-to prepare the canal for a post -to reduce the curvature for the canal orifice for straight-line access peso reamer
-to dry canals -to place medications in the canal -to take cultures of the canal Absorbent paper points
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