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OM&M Ch.1-3

Of Mice and Men Chapters 1-3

Huge man who liked to pet soft things Lennie
Small man with strong features; took care of Lennie George
Lennie's Aunt Clara
In Lennie's pocket dead mouse
George and Lennie were different because of this friendship
The animals that Lennie dreamed about tending to on his future ranch rabbits
The boss's son Curley
Respected ranch hand; jerkline skinner (the main driver of a mule team who handles the reins) Slim
Kills Candy's dog Carlson
Old swamper; lost a hand Candy
Slim's new pets that Lennie wants puppies
the card game that George plays solitaire
A lonely female character who liked to talk to the ranch workers Curley's Wife
Who wants to join George and Lennie's future plans? Candy
What Candy plans to contribute to the dream of owning land money
Who fought with Lennie? Curley
Lennie broke several bones in Curley's ____ hand
He mentioned that Curley's wife was "purty." Lennie
The amount of money Candy got for losing his hand at the ranch two-hundred fifty
This is the story that Curley will tell about how he broke his hand...that his hand was caught in a _____ machine
Literary Term: hints or clues as to what will happen in the future foreshadowing
Literary Term: contrast between what is expected or what appears to be and what actually is irony
Literary Term: introduction and development of character traits, personality, and persona characterization
Literary Term: not to be taken literally; relates something unfamiliar to something familiar. e.g. metaphor, simile figurative language
Created by: ms_garcia