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DCS Theory


What are symbols? Words or signs that represent something else.
What do members of a community share to form a language? Symbols and grammatical signals.
What are the building blocks of a spoken language? Sounds, words, sentences, speeches, texts, etc.
What does it mean if a sign is arbitrary? The form of the symbol and its meaning share nothing in common.
What does it mean if a sign is iconic? The form of the symbol represents something specific.
What are the parameters of a sign? Handshape, palm orientation, location, movement, non-manual markers.
What is symmetry condition? Two-handed signs moving independently with the same handshape.
What is dominance condition? The dominant hand ususally moves, each hand has a different handshape and the passive hand is one of the BASCO15 handshapes.
What is an example of dominance condition? soda
What is an example of symmetry condition? play
What are the marked handshapes? X, 7, R, T, E, 8
What are the unmarked handshapes? B, A, S, C, O, 1, 5
What are the factors that cause variations in ASL? Region, race, gender, age, context
What is perseverative assimilation? The first sign influences the second sign.
What is an example of perseverative assimilation? INFORM
What is fluidity? A compound sign.
What is an example of fluidity? WIFE
What is another name for a fingerspelled loan sign? Lexicon
What can pronouns do in ASL? Represent something else, describe a characteristic and show ownership.
What is eye indexing? Using the eyes to communicate about a particular subject.
What do classifiers do in ASL? Represent nouns, pluralization, show size, shape, depth and texture, and give signer perspective.
When using classifiers, what do two hands alternating movement mean? Unorganized arrangement.
When using classifiers, what does it mean if the non-dominant hand acts as a place-holder? Organized arrangement.
When using classifiers, what does it mean if there is a sweeping motion used to describe something? Shows things in a row.
What are the sentence types in ASL discussed in class? Statements, questions, commands, conditionals, assertion, negation and topicalization.
What is the needed grammar for a yes/no question? Brow raise/widened eyes, head tilt
What is the needed grammar for a WH question? Brow squint, head tilt
How many parts are there to a conditional sentence? Two
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