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Chpt. 35 & 41

Dental Materials Matching

Articulation The process of positioning the upper and lower teeth in the normal bite when teeth are clenched together.
ZOE This is not used under composite restorations do to the eugenol. But is used as a temporary restoration because it is sadative to the pulp, protects against thermal shock and it is an insulating base.
Zinc phosphate Mixed on a glass slab because of the heat given off by the cement. The cool glass helps to reduce the heat.
Figure Eight The motion used over a large area of the glass slab when mixing Zinc phosphate.
Calcium Hydroxide Better known by the manufactures name, Dycal.
Sedative base ZOE is the cement that is best used for this procedure.
Stent Any material used to make a mold of the original contour of a tooth.
Alluminum shell crowns A type of provisional used only on posterior teeth, where aesthetics are not a concern.
Bridge provisional Usually a stent is used to fabricate this provisional.
Two weeks The time span a provisional is required to be worn.
Vinylpolysiloxane & Polyether The most common elastomeric bite registration materials.
Galvanic shock To dissimilar metals contacting each other causing an electric current.
Study models A gypsum replica of a patient's hard and soft tissues used for observation.
Bite registration wax A type of wax commonly used for registering a patient's occlusion.
Splatter guard Prevents material from spraying at you or in the area you are working when using the rag wheel and pumice.
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