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7th unit 2 vocab

7th gr unit 2 vocab

near adjacent
next to adjacent
adjoining adjacent
to get down from alight
to come down from the air alight
land alight
lighted up alight
not productive barren
bare barren
to break up disrupt
to disturb disrupt
a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position or power for some time dynasty
an advance indication, sample, or warning foretaste
to begin to grow germinate
to come into being germinate
ordinary humdrum
dull or routine humdrum
without variation humdrum
to rush violently hurtle
to dash headlong hurtle
to fling or hurt forcefully hurtle
to suggest or hint slyly insinuate
to edge into something indirectly insinuate
many people who lead rather _____ lives get a great thrill from watching the exciting adventures of TV and movie superheroes humdrum
In only a few days, the seeds that I had planted in the fertile soil of the garden began to _____ and take root. germinate
as the drought continued without a letup, the once fertile farmlands of the region slowly became _______. barren
although they lived in a house _________ to ours, we never really got to know them well. adjacent
in the 11th century, a foreign warlord invaded the country and set up a (an) ____ that ruled for more than 250 years. dynasty
though they didn't say so in so many words, they did ________ that I was responsible for the accident insinuate
the "coming atractions" shown before the main feature gave us a distinct _________ of what the next feature would be like. foretaste
At that moment, Helen lost control of the car, and it _______ off the road into a clump of bushes hurtled
Created by: fhershey