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SGCS 6th gr. Grammar

SGCS 6th gr. Grammar: verbs and adverbs (Mrs. Narro)

visible action an action you can see performed
mental action an action that occurs through thought
3 types of verbs, based on what they do. 1. action 2. helping 3. linking
two types of verbs based on direct object 1. transitive 2. intransitive
Adverbs modify what 3 things. 1. verbs 2. adjectives 3. adverbs
4 things that adverbs answer. 1.how 2. when 3. where 4. to what extent
For an action verb, what are the 2 types of action? 1. visible action 2. mental action
What is visible action? An action that you can see.
Name 3 examples of visible action. 1. running 2. throwing, 3. jumping
What is mental action? An action that occurs through thoughts.
Name 3 examples of mental action. 1.think, believe, expect, hope, remember, understand
What does a linking verb do? It does NOT show action, it shows a state of being.
A linking verb acts as what kind of mathematical sign = sign (Bob = chef)
Linking verbs connect a subject to what 2 things 1. noun 2. adjective
At least 3 examples of linking verbs 1. forms of BE, become, look, feel, smell, remain, stay, etc.
Some verbs can be a linking verb in one sentence, but an action verb in another. How do you test a questional verb's roll in a partiular sentence? Subtitute "are or is" for the mystery verb.
Helping verbs change the verb in 2 ways. 1) tense 2) add a condition
Give an example of when a helping verb changes the tense of a verb 1) Mary read the book. 2) Mary will read the book {now in the future}
Give an example of when the helping verb adds a condition to a verb. Mary walks to school. Mary should walk to school. (should adds a condition}
What is the mnemonic to remember the helping verbs. MAY BE Mr. DO SHOULD HAVE a WILL
What are the three main headings (I. II. III) of the review sheet? I. Categorizing verbs based on what they do. II. Categorizing verbs based on whether they have a direct object III. About Adverbs
Do adverbs that modify verbs have to appear next to the verb? NO. Yesterday, I studied for the test.
Does an adverb that is modifying an adjective or another adverb have to appear next to the ajd. or adverb that it is modifying? YES. The dog ran VERY quickly up the stairs.
Give an example of an adverb modifying an adjective? The boy was VERY tall.
What are the 4 clues Mrs. Naro gave for finding adverbs? 1) -ly is a common ending 2) any word in the middle of a veb phrase 3) introductory word of a sentence 4)these words are always adverbs (too, very, quite, also , never, not)
Name the 6 words Mrs. Naro listed that are always adverbs. too, very, quite, also, never, not
Created by: dld