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Grammar vocabulary_1

basic grammar vocabulary to use for editing

person, place, thing or idea Noun
a word that shows an action or state of being He EATS bread. She IS tired. Verb
a word that describes a noun She is PRETTY. That is a RED apple. Adjective
a, an, the Example: THE sun is shining. This is A table. Articles
a word that describes actions Adverb
the use of marks (. , ! ? ") in writing so that people can see when a sentence begins and ends, that something is a question, etc. Punctuation
One person, place, thing, or idea Ex: I have an APPLE. People need LOVE. Singular Noun
more than one object or person Example: I have two APPLES. I like big CITIES. Plural Noun
A small word that shows a relationship between two things. Ex: My hat is ON my head. The bank is ACROSS the street. Preposition
The noun that tells you Who or What does the action in a sentence. Ex: MY FATHER cooks great food. SHE rides a bike. Subject
A word that takes the place of a noun. I, You, We, They, He, She, It Ex: Rachel is in Mexico. SHE is in Mexico. Pronoun
the person or thing affected by the verb. She hit THE BALL. (ball gets hit!) He eats PIZZA. Direct Object
A general person, place, thing, or idea Common Noun
A specific person, place, thing, or idea Proper Noun
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