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Action vs. Linking I

Identify the verb and tell whether it is action or linking

Reveal the sentence.Identify the verb.Linking or Action?
The gardener grew some flowers. grew action
Jane appeared uninjured after the accident. appeared linking
The woman grew silent. grew linking
Before laying down, the dog turned around three turns. turned action
Can I trust you with my laptop? can trust action
After drinking the old milk, Bladimiro turned green. turned linking
We should have filled the soap dispenser last night. should have filled action
The car has run out of gas. has run action
He has been sad since his dog died. has been linking
He had the measles when he was in third grade. had action
We were not at home. were linking
After tonight, I will have gone to the fair seven times. will have gone action
If he pleads guilty, the prosecutors will be surprised. will be linking
Those jeans do not fit you any more. do fit action
Juvenile crime has been plummeting since 1995. has been plummeting action
Stan has been in a coma since the car accident. has been linking
If you leave that spoiled meat on the counter, the room will smell terrible. will smell linking
Tim was organizing the award dinner last week. was organizing action
Danny Lee is not a member of the legal team. is linking
Alfred should give his jacket to someone who will wear it. should give action
We were playing hide and seek when Katie got hurt. were playing action
The book could be his. could be linking
The writer was proud of her efforts. was linking
The monkey looked for food. looked action
He would have been happy if he had made an A. would have been linking
He grew tired of walking. grew linking
The monkey looked hungry. looked linking
I should not have tasted the soup. should have tasted action
He grew into a tall man grew action
Did she leave her lunchbox in the cafeteria? did leave action
The flowers looked wilted. looked linking
You may go after supper. may go action
Brian's project should have won first place. should have won action
Created by: heffel