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Dental Materials

Key Terms Mod 4 Session 9 Matching

Provisional Temporary crown or bridge made to protect the prepared tooth or teeth while the permanent crown or bridge is being made.
Fabrication The process of being made or constructed.
Direct Technique A restoration made directly in the mouth.
Indirect Technique A restoration made at a lab.
Margin Junction where provisional meets the tooth structure.
Stent Any material used to make a mold of an original contour.
Contour The overall shape or form of the original tooth structure.
Embrasure The V-shaped space formed by the contour and position of adjacent teeth.
Dual-curing process A process in which the material begins to harden through self-curing and then requires a final cure with a visible light unit.
Self-curing process The hardening or setting process when two chemical materials are mixed.
Green stone A stone used for finishing the edges of a provisional, to make sure all jagged edges are smoothened.
Crimping The act of placing folds, or waves into a material.
Mesiodistal measurement The measurement used to measure the dimentional distance from mesial to distal.
Methacrylate Acrylic or plastic, most often mixed as a powder/liquid system, self-cured, fracture resistant, and easily polished.
Bis-GMA A composite provisional restorative material , has a good marginal fit, good ability to be polished, and a very low exothermic reaction.
Contouring pliers Used to smooth the aluminum crown and contour it so that it is wider at the proximal contact and more narrow at the gingiva.
Preformed crown Pre-made come in different shapes and sizes, are used for single unit temporary crowns only.
Aluminum provisional crown Aluminum shell crowns available only for posterior teeth where aesthetics is not a concern.
Celloid provisional crown Clear shells cut to fit the tooth shape and height, used for premolars and anterior teeth.
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