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CADD-1 Lesson 1

Hardware and Computer Terms

CPU Central Processing Unit
Keyboard Input device used to enter data
Digitizer An electronic drawing board. (uses a puck instead of a mouse)
Mouse A pointing device that makes it easy to select drawing locations & entities.
Monitor Displays information visually.
Plotter Outputs accurate drawings using data that is translated to the pen & media.
Icon Shortcut to a menu, program, folder, or file.
Folder Location on your disk to store files and other folders. (Similar to a file cabinet)
Desktop Location for shortcut icons for various programs. Visible after Windows boots-up.
Taskbar Located at the bottom of the Windows Desktop.
Filing Allows the operator to list, copy, move, rename, and copy files.
Editing Changing, making corrections.
Controlling Command that operates a program.
Simulation Created, similar to something that is real.
File Management Process of organizing files & folders
GUI Graphic User Interface
byte collection of 8 bits
kilobyte (KB) 1000 bytes of storage
megabyte (MB) 1 million bytes of storage
gigabyte (GB) 1 billion bytes of storage
RAM Random Access Memory
Hard Drive Rotating metal disk used for data storage in the CPU
CD Compact Disk
CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CDRW Compact Disk ReWritable
A:/ 3-1/2 Floppy Disk Drive
C:/ Hard Drive
H:/ Network Storage Drive for CADD
D:/ CD Drive
Software Refers to programs that execute on the hardware
URL Uniform Resource Locator
Dialog Box A box or window that opens within a program that allows you to make additional choices or selections.
Thumbnail Another name for a preview.
Buttons A small rectangle or square that contains pictures or words that you select for associated commands or selections.
Cascading Menu Additional menu choices found in a pull-down menu by selecting the arrow on the right of the drop down box.
Crosshairs A special cursor in AutoCAD used to pick points on the drawing screen and to make selections.
The 3 basic functions of a computer system. Input, Processing, and Output
Class-A Fire Wood/Paper
Class-B Fire Flammable Liquids
Class-C Fire Electrical
Class-D Fire Combustible Metals
Workspaces A complete user interface including custom menus, tool palettes, and toolbars
Toolbars Groups of icons representing various commands
Tool Palette A Special toolbar that contains a large grouping of buttons, tools, and information
Dashboard A special Palette that displays buttons and controls associated with 3D Modeling.
Terabyte 1 Trillion bytes of storage
E:/ USB travel drive or jump drive
Docked Toolbar Toolbar that is in a stable postiton at the right, left, top, or bottom of the graphics screen.
Floating Toolbar Toolbar that is in the drawing area that can easily be moved around the graphics screen.
Pull-Down Menu Word menus at the top of the screen that allow you to perform drawing, editing, and file functions.
Status Bar Located at the bottom of the screen it includes coordinate display as well as toggle buttons for Grid, Snap, Ortho, etc.
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