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Series 6

Unit 3 QQ3.H

Dividend Department Collects and distribues cash dividends for stocks held in st name. In addition to processing the dept handles reg bond interest pymts, stock dividends, stock splits, rights offering, warrants and any special dist to a corp stockholders and bondholders.
Declaration Date The date on which a corporation announces an upcoming dividend's amount, payment date, and record date.
Ex-Date The first date on which a security is traded that the buyer is not entitled to receive distributions previously declared.
Record Date The date a corp's board of directors establishes that determines which of its stock-holders are entitled to receive dividends or rights distributions.
Payment Date The day on which a declared dividend is paid to all stock holders owning shares on the record date.
DERP Declare, Expire, Record, Pay
Good Delivery Proper delivery by a selling firm to he purchaser's office of certificates that are negotiable without additional documentation and that are in units acceptable under the Uniform Practice Code.
Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Fed leg that est the Sec and Exchange commission. The act aims to protect investors by reg the exchanges, the OTC market, the ext of credit by the Fed Reserve Board, broker/dealers, inside transactions, trading activities, client accounts and net capital.
People and Places Act Securities Exchange Act of 1934
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