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IO/EO Exam

Lesion Descriptions Etc.

Limited to a small focal area LOCALIZED
Involves most or all of an area GENERALIZED
1cm (10mm) or less in diameter, contains serum or mucin VESICLE
Greater than 1cm (10mm)contains serum/mucin BULLA
Contains pus, yellowish, Any size PUSTULE
Slightly raised, broad flat top, 'pasted on' appearance PLAQUE
Solid tissue less than 5mm in diameter, may be smooth or corrugated PAPULE
Solid tissue, smaller than 1cm NODULE
Solid tissue, 2cm or greater TUMOR
distance from base of depression to margin is less than 3mm SUPERFICIAL Depressed Lesion
distance from base of depression to plane of margin is greater than 3mm DEEP Depressed Lesion
Can be single or multiple, regular or irregular border flat lesion MACULE
CONSISTENCY soft, spongy, resilient, hard or indurated
a little white or reddish ulcer APHTHA
elevated lesion attached by a thin stalk (mushroom) PEDUNCULATED
a wart-like growth VERRUCA
Hemorrhagic spot of pinpoint to pinhead size PETECHIA
Flat lesion larger than a macule, differentiated from surrounding tissue by color and/or texture PATCH
Created by: michelleleigh33