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Biofilm A mass of microorganisms attached or adhered to a surface exposed to moisture.
Manufacturers of Dental units They have developed some solutions to keep the biofilm under 500CFUs by using separate water reservoir systems and or filters and chemicals to disinfect dental lines.
Four zones of activity Operator's zone, Assistant's zone, Transfer zone, and the Static zone.
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) Injuries due to awkward positions and postures during the dental workday will lead to chronic pain, injuries, and lower productivity.
Six-handed dentistry Two dental assistants working with one operator.
Four-handed dentistry The dentist and dental team should position themselve to have visual access to all areas of the oral cavity when practicing this.
12-14 inches The distance between the operator's face and the patient's face when working on a dental procedure.
Gloves The last item a dental assistant puts on prior to assisting with a procedure.
4 to 7 O'clock When working in the transfer zone, the area where instrument transfer takes place.
Class III Motion Movement of the finger, wrist, and elbow.
Dry Angle A triangular, absorbent pad used for isolation.
Isolation The act of keeping a tooth or an area separate or dry.
Oral cavity Should be rinsed periodically to help maintain a clear working field.
Saliva ejector Used with a sweeping motion near the back of the throat. This suction device is less powerful, has less suction strength, and is more comfortable for the patient.
Hand cutting instruments Used to refine the cavity preparations.
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