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Chairside Mod 3


Supine position Positioning the patient in the dental chair with the knees and nose level.
Front delivery system Designed to allow equipment to be used over the patient's chest and in front of the operator and the assistant.
Dental chair Before seating a patient the dental chair should be raised to knee high 15-18 inches high. And is the center of all clinical and treatment activity.
10% Sodium Hypochlorite May be used to flush water lines.
Aleviates the prevalence of biofilm Purging the handpiece lines for 30 seconds between patients and using self-contained water bottles.
EPA Establish standards for safe drinking water quality.
Assistant chair/stool Height should be such that the dental assistant's eye level is 4-6 inches above the operator. And should be able to twist and turn, allowing easy acess to shelfs, counters,drawers and the patient's side.
Dental light Should be positioned 3-5ft. over patients mouth.
Class IV movements Any motion involving the arms and shoulders.
Dental Assistant Should be positioned with feet resting on the base or foot ring, and as close to the patient as possible.
Transfer Zone Done in front of the patient but below the chin and at the chest.
Retrieving Instruments Done with the little finger by the dental assistant.
Instruments Placed in order of use from left to right.
Mouth Mirror Used for indirect vision, light reflection, and to retract.
Basic Set Up Includes mouth mirror, explorer, cotton pliers,cotton rolls, cotton tip applicators, gauze sponges, lip lubricant, patient mapkin and napkin clip, tissue, safety glasses, saliva ejector, and air-water syringe tip.
When treating Maxillary teeth Dental light should be lowered down and back, and the beam focused upward.
Created by: mgarrett
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