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Food & Eating

Colloquial Arabic of Egypt - vocab for the table, restaurant & Kitchen

Would you (like to) drink some tea, Cressida? tishrabi shwayyit chay, ya Cressda?
I've already (just) drunk something lissa sharba
Would you like to eat a plate of fool, Cressida? takli taba' fool, ya Cressda?
No thanks, I've already eaten la shukran, lissa wakla
Would you like basboussa, Ranya? tihebbi basboussa?
Yes, I adore (die in!) basboussa Aywa, ana bamuut fil basboussa (like 'moot')
Do you want to eat something else? Aisa takli Haega tanya?
No, I don't have the strength to (eat any more!), thanks! la' ana mish adra, thank you!
I adore ana bamuut fee...
Bring me (to a man) Haetli
Bring me a glass of tea, please! Haetli kubbayit chay, minfudluk
Bring me (to a woman) Haeteeli
Bring me some coffee, please. Haeteeli schwayyit ahwa, minfudlik
wine nibeet
Coke kohla
stuffed vine leaves wara' 9inab
Salad salaTa
spinach sabaanikh
A bowl of porridge taba' biliila
The bowl of porridge taba' il biliila
Spinach Salad salaTiit is-sabaanikh
bottle izaaza
A bottle of water Izaazit maya
Bring me a bottle of water, please Haetli/Haetli izaazit mayya, minfudluk.
A glass of kirkadee kubbayit kirkadee
a plate of okra taba' bamya
A bottle of wine izaazit nibeet
I'd like a bottle of wine, please. ahab izaazit nibeet, minfudluk
Knife sikkeena
Fork showka (like 'shore')
Spoon ma9ala'a
Tea spoon ma9la'it chay
Serving spoon ma9ala'it gherf (like 'earf')
Serve some soup for me, please igh-rif-eeli shwayyit shorbat, lao samaHti, Hanan
Serve some soup for me, Khalid igh-rif-li shwayyit shorba, lao samaHt, Khalid
fridge tallagga
The butter's in the fridge i-zibda fil tallaaga.
It's in the fridge (fem) heyya fil tallaaga
I've already drunk lissa sharba
No thanks, I've already drunk la' shukran, lissa sharba
I've already eaten lissa wakla
No thanks, I've already eaten la' shukran, lissa wakla
Created by: homarra