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CTC Dent-Terminology

gingiv- gums
-ectomy surgical removal
odont- tooth
alveol- tooth socket
-algia pain
-itis inflammation
path- disease
-ology the study of
dent- teeth
lingu- tongue
or- mouth
peri- about, around
micr- small
arthr- joint
-ologist the specialist in the study of
cyst sac containing fluid, bladder
hyper- above, more than normal, excessive
sub- under, below, beneath
trans- through, across, beyond
-trophy development
pre- in front of, before
labi- lips
gloss- tongue
-osis any condition
bucc- cheek
auto- self
cervic- neck
-odyn- pain
traum- wound, injury
neo- new
later- side
-desis binding, fixation
calc- stone
antr- cavity
plast- plastic repair
-otomy cut into
os-, oss-, ost-, oste- bone
-vulse twitch, pull
stom-, stomat- mouth, opening
top- place
macr-, macro- large
ab- away from
vestibul- entrance
radi- ray
pan- all
gen- originate, produce
fistul-, fistule- pipe, tube
ex- out, from
cut- skin
end- inside, within
benign mild, no cancer
inter- between
-lysis loosening, destruction
myel- marrow, spinal cord
an-, a- without, not
-centesis punctured
gemin- twin, double
hemi- half
grad- step, stage
intra- within
ante- in front of, before
cephal- head
dys- bad
hypo- under, deficient
infra- beneath
mal- bad
gram- record
esthesia- sensation
malign- bad
lith- stone
retro- backwards
radic- root
en- in
-ostomy passageway, create an opening
sinus hollow space
physio- nature
pro- in front of, before
post- behind, lack of
-plasia development
-pexy suspension, fixation
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