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MOD 3 Ch. 12/20


Universal precautions Intent is to treat all human blood and some body fluids as infectious.
Standard precautions Include use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other protective equipment with all patients.
OSHA Requires that a copy of the BBP standard be present in every dental office and clinic.
Needle Recapping Use the "scoop" method.
Puncture-resistant utility gloves Wear during treatment room cleanup and when handling dirty instruments.
Sharpes Container Never overfill or put hands in this.
Acute infection Common cold.
Chronic infection Hepatitis C, HIV.
Latent infection Herpes virus.
Oppertunistic infection Pneumocystis pneumonia.
Incubation Stage Initial entrance of pathogen into the body.
Prodromal Stage Appearance of "early symptoms".
Acute stage When symptoms are at their peak and the person is obviously ill.
Convalescent stage Recovery phase.
Dental operatories Control center of the clinic.
Dental Chair Should provide full support to knees, bottom, and back of patient.
Operators stool Seat padded,base should provide easy mobility,have a lever to adjust height of chair, and provide support to the back.
Assistant stool Have the ability to twist and turn to reach things, foot ring and back rest, lever to adjust height support arm to brace torso or uppwr body to reduce fatigue.
Dental unit Holds handpieces, high and low volume suction,air water syringe, and ultrasonic scaler.
Rheostat Foot controlled device to controll function of the dental handpeices.
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