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Wk 5 Key Terms 1


Distocclusion Mesial buccal cusp of max.1st. molar occludes mesial to the mesial buccal groove of the mand. 1st. molar.
Interceptive orthodontics Using a specialized fixed or removable appliance to help with jaw development or maintain space when a primary tooth is lost prematurely.
Orthodontic assistant An assistant with more autonomy then a general assistant.
Auxiliary attachment Extra accessary to molar bands or brackets.
Retainer Appliance used to maintain an ortho case after brackets and bands are removed.
Ligature wire light wire used to hold an ortho archwire into a bracket.
Bonded brackets Attached to teeth to hold the archwire in place.
Molar bands Placed around molars to hold the archwire and guide the ortho case.
Anterior tongue thrust Tongue rests on lingual surfaces of max teeth, causing teeth to move forward.
Arch wires Direct teeth into the desired position.
Separators Placed to create interproximal space so seating of molar bands is easier.
Fixed appliances Term for braces they exert more pressure than removable appliances and can achieve more complex movement.
Howe pliers Used for placing bands, tying ligature wire and holding and adjusting archwires during placement and removal.
Malocclusion Poor occlusion
Ectopic eruption Abnormal eruption of a permanent tooth out of normal alignment.
Palatal expander Fixed appliance placed to widen a norrow upper jaw and correct a crossbite.
Elastomeric ties (donuts) Hold the archwire into the bracket.
Power chain Continuous donuts used to apply gentle continual force on the teeth to close spaces or correct rotated teeth.
Overjet Severe protrusion of the maxillary anterior teeth causing a horizontal space between the mandibular facial and lingual of maxillary anterior teeth.
Overbite Extreme vertical overlap of maxillary teeth may not be able to see mandibular teeth.
Crossbite One or more maxillary teeth are lingual to the occluding mandibular tooth.
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