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Perio/Ortho Ch 45/50

Week 5 Perio/Ortho Matching

Gingivitis Slight bleeding while brushing do to the gingiva being inflamed.
Periodontitis An inflammatory disease of the gingival tissue with loss of supporting bone.
Bite-stick Used to seat an orthodontic band with the aid of the patient's biting force.
Invisalign Clear acrylic aligners are part of this orthodontic system.
Ligature wire A light wire used to hold an arch wire into a orthodontic bracket.
Perio probe measurements Six per tooth.
3mm. or less The normal probe depth for healthy gingival tissue.
Premature Primary tooth loss Can lead to malocclusion.
Periodontal probe Are most often used to diagnose the periodontal condition.
Curette An instrument used to remove calculus, dental plaque, or biofilm and for smooothing roughened root surfaces.
Case presentation Includes cephalometric tracing, photographs and radiographs.
Panoramic radiograph Offers a comprehensive view of the maxillary, and mandibular jaws,tooth development, roots of teeth, extra teeth, nerve positions and more.
Sulcus The small space between the tooth and free gingiva.
Gingival health Measured with the use of a periodontal probe.
Periodontal Disease There are seven forms of this.
Calculus The buccal of upper molars and lingual of lower anteriors is the most common sites for this to form.
Periodontal disease risk factors Stress, Smoking and osteoporosis.
Biofilm This is detected orally with the use of disclosing solution, explorer or visually it consists of many types of bacteria and other organisms that form colonies.
Inflammation Can be indicated by noting bleeding upon probing.
Ligature director Tucks twisted ligature wires into interproximal spaces.
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