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Ch 17/24 Instr/Equip

Week 4 Instr/Equip Ch. 17&24 Matching

Disinfection The process that prevents growth of disease carrying microorganisms.
Indirect vision Type of vision used when working on the maxillary posterior lingual surface.
Mouth mirror Used for indirect vision, light reflection and retraction.
Critical Items Penetrate soft tissue and come in direct contact with bone, blood, and other body fluids, and must be sterilized.
Fulcrum A term used to discribe the ring finger of the operator's hand, used to stabilize and direct.
Handpieces Must be sterilized between each patient.
Aluminum foil Used to test the ultrasonic to see if it is cleaning properly.
Dr. G.V. Black Responsible for classifying instruments into six different categories.
Instruments On a tray set up are placed in order of use, from left to right, or in sequence of use.
Hatchet Used in a downward motion to refine the cavity walls and to obtain retention in the cavity preparation.
Sterilizaton The process by which all forms of life are completely destroyed.
Universal precautions The best technique used in the dental office to prevent cross-contamination of microorganisms.
Precleaning Is important in the first step of the sterilization process because it removes bioburden.
Hand cutting instruments Used in conjunction with rotary instruments to refine the cavity preparation.
Ultrasonic solution Needs to be changed daily, or when visibly dirty.
Semi-critical Items that come in contact with mucous membrane or non-intact skin, and do not penetrate soft tissue.
15-30 minutes The time set to achieve sterilization, at 15-30 PSI, and a temperature of 121 Celsius.
Six inches The overall length of a hand instrument.
Autoclave Type of sterilizer that uses moist heat, under pressure. Also the most reliable and widely used method of sterilization.
Glutaraldehyde Is capable of killing resistant spores if the item is immersed in the solution for at least 6-10 hours.
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