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Gujarati verbs 1

Gujarati verbs

to accept sweekaar karavu
to allow maanya karavu
to apologise kshmaa karavu
to arrive aagaman
to ask puchhavu
to attempt prayatna karavaa
to attend haajar rahevu
to awake jaagrut rahevu
to bath snaan karavu
to beat maaravu
to begin shuruaat karavee
to behave vartavu
to believe vishwaas mukavo
to break todavu
to brush brush karavu
to buy khareedvu
to cancel radda karavu
to care chintaa karavee
to change badalavu
to clap taalee vagaadavee
to clean saaf karavu
to close band karavu
to collect bhegoo karavu
to come aavavu
to control niyantran raakhavu
to cover dhaakavu
to cry radavu
to cut kaapavu
to decide nakkee karavu
to deliver pohochaadvu
to die maravu
to dislike naapasand karavu
to do karavu
to dream swapn jovu
to drink peevu
to dry koroo karavu
to eat khaavu
to give aapavu
to enjoy majaa karave
to fall padavu
to fear ghaabaraavavu
to feed khavadaavavu
to finish puru karavu
to fly udavu
to get malavavu
to go javu
to hear sambhalavu
to help madad karavee
to hit maaravu
to hold pakadavu
to hurt dukhaavavu
to imagine kalpanaa karavee
to introduce parichay karavo
to join jodavu
to jump kudako maaravo
to keep mukavu
to know jaanavu
to laugh hasavu
to leave chhodavu
to like gamavu
to listen saambhalavu
to learn shikhavu
to look jovu
to make karavu
to meet malavu
to mix bhegu karavu
to observe nireekshan karavu
to open ughadavu
to own potaanu
to play ramavu
to paint rang bharavu
to pay paisaa bharavaa
to practise taiyaaree karavee
to prepare taiyaar karavoo
to push dhakko maaravo
to quarrel jhagadavu
to question prashna puchhavu
to rain varasaad
to read vaachavu
to reach pohochavu
to return paachhu aavavu
to relax/rest aaraam karavo
to reply uttar aapavo
to rise ugavu
to run dodavu
to satisfy samaadhaan karavu
to save bachaavavu
to say kahevu
to see jovu
to sell vechavu
to select pasand karavu
to shut bandh karavu
to sing gaavu
to sit besavu
to sleep unghavu
to smell sunghavu
to speak bolavu
to stand ubhaa rahevu
to start sharoo karavu
to stop thobhavu
to talk bolavu
to teach shikhavaadvu
to take levu
to tell kahevu
to thank aabhaar maanavo
to think vichaar karavo
to throw fekavu
to try prayatna karavo
to turn valavu
to understand samajavu
to use vaaparavu
to wait thobhavu
to wake uthavu
to walk chaalavu
to wash dhovu
to work kaam karavu
to watch dhyaana raakhavu
to write lakhvu
I go oon javu chhu
He goes te jaay chhe
She goes tenee jaay chhe
You go tun jaa / tame jaav
We go ame jaie chhea
They go teo jaay chhe
I come oon aaveesh
I am coming oon aavee rahyo chhu
I have come oon aavyo chhu
I have been coming oon aavato hovu chhu
I came oon aavyo / aavee
I was coming oon aavato hato
I had come oon aavyo hato
I shall come oon aaveesh
I shall be coming oon aavato/aavatee hoish
I can come oon aavee shakeesh
Can I come? oon aavee shaku chhu?
I could come oon aavee shakato hato / shakatee hatee
Will I be able to come? oon aavee shakeesh ke?
I will be able to come oon aavee shakeesh
I want to come maare aavaanu chhe
I wanted to come maare aavaanu hatu
I would like to come maare aavavaanu gamashe
I do not want to come maare aavavu nathee
I did not want to come maare aavavu na hatu
I should come maare aavavu joie
I must come maare aavavuj padashe
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