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MOD 1 Funds of DA


Credit Slip used for return items.
Shelf Life the amount of time a product can be stored before the product is no longer usable.
Item Price cost of one item.
Unit Price cost of an item packaged together.
Bulk Price cost of purchasing several units.
Price Break offered for items that are purchased frequently.
Lead Time the time between ordering something and receiving it.
Expendable Items less costly then capital items and include smaller instruments, syringes and thermometers.
Nonexpendable capital items.
Equipment is expensive.
Routine Equipment Checks extends the life of the equipment.
Inventory Systems to keep track of supplies and to make sure they are available when needed.
Inventory a complete list of all equipment and supplies that a dental practice has on hand.
Capital Items cost at least $500.00.
Reorder Point determines when a supply will be ordered based on lead time and rate of use.
Routine Maintenance usually performed either weekly or monthly.
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