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AntiCancer First Aid

WVSOM -- First Aid -- AntiCancer Drugs

What is log kill? fixed percentage that increaes with growth fraction
When do you use a cell-cycle nonspecific drug? Low fixed growth
What drug is used to rescue from MTX? Leucovorin
What is MTX MoA Folic acid analog that inhibits S phase
What is MoA of 5-FU Pyrimidine analog in S phase
What is 5-FU used for? solid tumors and basal cell carcinoma (topically)
How do you rescue 5-FU toxicity? thymidine
MoA 5-MP purine analog in S phase activated by HGPRTase
What is the important interaction with 6-MP? metabolized by xanthine oxidase so increased toxicity with allopurinol
If you want to give 6-MP to a patient on allopurinol what can you give instead? 6-TG
MoA dactinomycin intercalates in DNA
when do you give dactinomycin wilm's tumor, sarcoma, rhabdosarcoma (childhood tumor)
Doxorubicin side effect cardiotoxicity
what is the antidote for doxorubicin dexrazaxane
when do you give doxorubicin? hodgkin's lymphoma
MoA doxorubicin generate free radicals
Bleomycin MoA G2-phase specific by breakign DNA strans with free radicals
when do you use bleomycin? Testicular cancer adn Hodgkin's
what is side effect of bleomycin pulmonary fibrosis
What is major side effect of cyclophosphamide hemorrhagic cystitis prevented by mesna and aggressive hydration
Nitrosourea clinical use brain tumor
What is side effect of vinblastine Blasts Bone marrow
What is side effect of vincristine? neurotoxicity
MoA paclitaxel M phase and hyperstabilizes mitotic spindles so they can't break down
MoA vincristine/blastine? blocks M phase by blocking polymerization of microtubules
What is major side effect of Cisplastin? NAUSEA!!! Nephrotoxicity and acoustic nerve damage
What part of the cell do drugs work on if they act in M-phase? microtubules
MoA of tomoxifen receptor antagonist in breast and bone blocking the binding of estrogen receptor cells
What drug also has same MoA as tomoxifen? raloxifene
When is imatinib used? CML with philadelphia chromosome
trastuzumab clinical uses monoclonal antibody agains HER-2; aka herceptin
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