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ABC Vocab-The Wave

vocab-syn.ant.def.hook.sentence.part of speech

Atrocity NounAn act of terrible or monstrous behavoirSYN: monstrous, terribleANT: benign, gentleJoe Han commited an act of atrocity after his defeat at the battle of Maraham by decapitating all his slaves in anger
Befuddled Verbto confuse, as with glib statements or argumentsSYN: bewilder, baffleANT:Clarify, ExplainPoliticans befuddle the public with campaign promises
Charisma NounA personal attractiveness or intrestingness that enables you to infulence othersSYN: appeal, dazzleANT: ugly, unapealingMy charisma is extremely high allowing me to help others feel as cofident as me
Dexterity NounMental or physcial quicknessSYN: handy, nimbleANT: clumsy, butterfingeredThe dexterity of the skater was so graceful the audience was shocked
Emaciated Adjto be skinny or thin due to starvationSYN: skinny, thinANT: fat, obeaseMany model are emaciated so they can get a job
Fathom Verbto penetrate to the truth; comprehend; understand: to fathoms someones motivesSYN:Penetrate, unravelANT: Misunderstand, not getI think I am starting to fathom what my present is going to be when i saw a small words on it
Grandiose AdjLarge in sizeSYN: Gigantic, HugeANT: Tiny, smallwhen the horse stood next to my dog, we could see that the horse was grandiose in size
Histrionic Adjexcessively dramatic or emotional in behavoir or speechSYN: melodramatic, overractingANT: unemotional, reservedThe actors were very histrionic in their performance.
Inept AdjNo skill for a paticular task or assignmentSYN: unskillful, incableANT: skilled, capableThe man is inept when it comes to repairing household appliances,so his wife called a repair man
Jovial AdjEndowed with or characterized by a hearty, joyous humor or a good spirit of good fellow shipSYN: merry, jollyANT: sad, upsetIn a game show its nice how a wonderful jovial host comes over to you and asks you questions in order to suceed
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