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Chapter 62

Business Operating Systems

Active files Files of patients who have been seen within the past 2 to 3 years
Buffer time Time reserved on the schedule for emergency patients
Call list List of patients who can come in for an appointment on short notice
Chronologic file Filing system that divides materials into months (and possibly days of the month)
Cross-reference file A file in which each item is listed in alphabetic order by name and its document number is provided
Daily schedule Printed schedule that is copied and placed throughout the office for viewing by staff only
Downtime Waiting period between pateint procedures
File guides An insert placed between files that displays the letters or numbers of the patient records that follow it
Filing The act of classifying and arranging records to be easily retrieved when needed
Inactive files Files of patients who have not been seen over the past 3 years
Lead time A time estimate that allows for delays in ordering or shipping of materials
Ledger A financial statement that documents all account transactions
Outguide Device used for a filing system; similar to a bookmark
Patient of record Individual who has been examined and diagnosed by the dentist and for whom treatment has been planned
Purchase order A form that authorizes the purchase of products from a supplier
Rate of use The quantity of a product that is used within a given time
Reorder tags A notation system that is used when the supply of a particular item is getting low and the item must be reordered
Requisition A formal request for supplies
Shelf life How long a product may be stored before it is used
Units of time Time increments used in planning appointments
Want list A list of those supplies to be ordered and questions to be asked of the representative
Warranty A written statement that explains the manufacturer's responsibilty for replacing and repairing a particular product
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