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Twelfth Night Act 4

Study Guide

What is the problem btw the clown and Sebastian? The clown thinks Sebastian is Cesario, but Sebastian has no idea who Feste is.
What happens when Sir Andrew "catches up" w/ Sebastian? Andrew punches Sebastian (thinking it's Cesario)and Sebastian returns the blow. Andrew threatens to have "Cesario" arrested and sued
How does Sir Toby become involved? He holds Sebastian and then starts swordfightinng w/ Sebastian
What happens when Olivia sees Ser Toby and Sebastian? She commands Sir Toby to stop fighting, calls him a barbarian, and tells him to leave
What does Olivia ask Sebastian and how does he respond? To come back w/ her to her house so she can explain to him why Toby is so crazy. (she thinks that this is her lover Cesario). Since Olivia defended Sebastian, he says yes he'll go
Who does the clown dress up as and pretend to be? Sir Topas the priest and curator
How does the clown worsen things for Malvolio? He dresses up as someone who Malvolio trusts. A priest's opinion has more weight than just the servants', fool's and Toby's opinions, so Malvolio believes he is crazy when a priest says so
What does Sir Toby realize and become afraid of? He realizes that Olivia is already mad at him, so if she finds out about the prank on Malvolio and that Toby is behnid it, she will prob kick Toby out of the house
What does Malvolio ask the clown for? A candle, pen, paper, and ink (so he can write an SOS letter to Olivia)
How would you describe Malvolio's frame of mind? He is desperate, panicked, and afraid b/c he's worried what they'll do to him (wants out of there!). He's only being nice and different from the old Malvolio so they will let him out.
What does Sebastian think of Olivia and his situation? Thinks that there has been a mistake b/c Olivia, a beautiful girl who is a total stranger to Sebastian, has asked her to come home w/ her. He thinks the situation is strange but doesn't think Olivia is crazy
What proposition does Olivia offer and how does Sebastian respond? Marriage and Sebastian agrees
Why might it make sense ofr Sebastian to agree to marry Olivia? Realizes that if he says no, then Olivia might turn on him and support Toby and Andrew in having him arrested and sued
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