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Clear communication, understanding on how to produce quality images, and Continuing education The things Radiographers need reguarding technical ability.
Automatic Processor Rollers cleaned with warm water and special cleaner, should be replenished or changed as needed, rollers squeeze excess solution from the film surfaces.
Sterilization and Disinfection Dry heat or autoclaving sterilizes. While Iodophores are hospital grade disinfectants and tuberculosidals and disinfectants are toxic to living tissue.
Facts reguarding film packet orientation White side tube side, identification dot distinguishes between R&L sides, May be placed horizontally or vertically for a BWX
Manuel film processing Chemicals 68 F, Films are transported in and out of solutions on film holders, cleansing powders are not used on processing tank inserts
Equiptment regulations involve Registration of x-ray machines, Inspections done every 2-4 years, Fees collected for inspections
Paralleling technique includes Central ray directed perpendicular to the tooth and film, Film parallels to the long axis of the tooth, and use film holder to accomplish parallel film packet placement
Identification dot Should be positioned toward the crown of the teeth
Electrons Have a negative charge
Dental x-ray machines Manuel adjustment controls or pre-set controls
Intensifying Screens Should be in close physical contact with the film
Processing Chemicals Extend their life by replenishing them
Disinfection This is what is done to the lead apron after it is used
X-ray Requirements Vary between states for dental hygiene and dental assistants, when placing and exposing x-rays
Film packet placed parallel to the long axis of the tooth Paralleling Technique
Elongation Insufficient vertical angulation of the central beam
To view the crowns and alveolar crests of the teeth in both arches on the same film Bitewing Radiograph
PPE required during radiographic procedures Protective clothing, Mask, Gloves, Eye Protection
Adult Full Mouth Survey Usually consists of a minimum of 14 films, but the number and size of the film varies per office
Filtration Absorption of the long wavelength, occurs by passage of the beam through a sheet of aluminum
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