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labs and Models


speeds the process of accelerates
process used with utility wax to curb impressions beading
starts or accelerates a process catalyst
change in shape distortion
releases heat ecothermic
a solid gel
a frame representating the jaw that holds models of the patents teeth to maintain the patients occlusion articulator
the time from which the alginate powder material is mixed with water. gelatin time
the process of driving a specific amount of water out of gypsum to create specific plasters calcination
uniformly mixed homogenous
calcium sulfate dehydrated; used when pouring an impression th make a model gypsum
imbition enlargement due to selling
commonly called alginate; material used in the formation of dental impressions irreversible hydrocolloid
an essential artificial wall used to replace the missing or removed surfaces of a tooth during the filling of a cavity matrix
self curing acrylic tray resin (liquid catalyst) monomer
self curing tray resin ( powder) Polymer
material used in taking final impressions polysulfide
sometimes called agar-agar used in the formation of dental impressions that can be converted from a gel to a sol back to a gel due to thermal reaction reversible hydrocolloid
materials avaialable in various forms used in taking final impressions silicones
a liquid sol
diagnostic casts study models
skrinkage from a loss of water content due to heat, dryness, or exposure to air syneresis
properties of becoming softer when heated and harder when col
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